Cameron Diaz Swears By This Multi-Tasking Highlighter That Gives a ‘Glistening,’ ‘Dewy’ Look

Although Cameron Diaz has been relatively out of the spotlight lately, she’s about to do a full Tom Brady and un-retire from acting. You’ll soon find her in Netflix’s Back in Action film, but while you wait, we might as well keep the Cam beauty content flowing. We know she’s been using Merit Beauty’s Signature Lip to achieve a colorful pout, however, we’ve also gotten wind of her love for Westman Atelier’s Lit Up Highlight Stick.

The brand describes it as a way to get a “just-had-a-facial glow in one swipe,” and sure enough, Cameron agrees. The actress recently told The Strategist, “I like that you don’t really see the highlighter. It’s more of a true glistening of your own skin. The sheen looks like you’re just dewy, not like you’re wearing makeup.”

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Her description of the product is music to our ears, since a good natural-looking highlighter can be hard to find. You don’t want your highlighter to sparkle so much that it’s blinding and distracting, but you want just enough shimmer to make the high points of your face glow.

This highlight stick helps you strike the perfect balance. It’s a clean, multitasking highlighter that comes in a translucent balm formula. It provides light coverage and a radiant finish that’ll look so good both on camera and IRL, and complement varying skin tones.

Not only does it make your complexion look perfectly glassy, it also firms and moisturizes your skin—sharp cheekbones, activated. Whether you haven’t found the right highlighter or are on the hunt for a more subtle, dewier one, Westman Atelier’s Lit Up Highlight Stick is about to take over your makeup bag.

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Photo: Westman Atelier.

Photo: Westman Atelier.

Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick $48

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If you’re asking yourself which shade you should buy, we’d of course say all three of them. Though if you’re only looking for one go-to color, choose Lit for an iridescent look, Brûlée for a bronze gold sheen or Nectar for a golden peach shimmer. No matter which shade you shop, just know that your cheekbones are about to shine bright like a diamond.

The cheekbones, however, aren’t the only place you can apply this product. Tap the Lit Up Highlight Stick across your cheeks, brow bones, nose, Cupid’s bow, lips and décolleté for an extra glimmer. Doing so will also firm and moisturize those areas thanks to the Vitis vita fruit extract and ayurvedic oil blend in the formula that support a healthy skin barrier.

Plenty of Sephora shoppers (it has over 21,000 ‘“loves” on the site) are on the same page as Cameron in that this creamy highlighter is a must-have.

“This is the holy grail. I absolutely will not live without this product. It’s not only a highlighter but I use it as an eyeshadow and a frosty lip gloss,” raved one five-star reviewer. “Very subtle and natural… makes you feel like you have naturally glowing skin which can be a challenge to have at age 54.”

“It is the perfect sheer highlight. Unlike a lot of other highlighters, this looks incredibly natural and works really well on its own too. I apply it with a brush and it’s so easy to work with and blend,” wrote another shopper. 

Put the highlighter into your cart and get ready for radiant, glowy, fresh skin like Cameron’s. Shop Westman Atelier’s Lit Up Highlight Stick at Sephora, westman-atelier-lit-up-highlight-stick&″ data-ylk=”slk:Nordstrom” class=”link “>Nordstrom and Credo Beauty for $48.

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