Here’s 23 Of The Best To Shop Now

From sporty baseball styles to structured snapbacks, caps are one of the most useful accessories out there. Every man needs one (or two) in his repertoire all year round.

With 80% of the sun’s rays still making it through the clouds on overcast days, caps are essential for outdoor workouts to supply that much-needed UV protection. Not only are they great for shielding from the elements outdoors, but most caps also come with moisture-wicking and ventilating features that are a godsend when you’re working up a sweat in the gym. And this accessory isn’t just for summer; it’s also important to keep your head covered in the winter months too, as you lose around 10% of body heat when it’s left exposed. On rainy and windy days, wearing a cap is a sure way to keep hair feeling dry and looking fresh – whether you’re working out, commuting or chilling in pub gardens with pals.

When baseball caps were first introduced in the late-19th century, despite being made from heavy wool-blends, they were worn exclusively for sport. But fast forward to 2022 and the cap has never been more versatile. At the more technical end of the scale there are running and cycling hats made from sweat-wicking nylon, and on the other there are on-trend corduroy and logo-stamped styles designed purely for flexing. Yep, this accessory is also a signifier of great taste – Google anyone from David Beckham to Justin Bieber and Marcus Rashford if you don’t believe us. Still, if you only had to pick one, you can’t go wrong with a cotton baseball cap – choose a versatile shade such as navy or ecru and you’ll be able to wear yours with pretty much anything.

Overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there? We’ve got you covered (pun intended) at MH with our pick of the best men’s caps to know about in 2022.

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