Jade Trau Previews The Relaunch Of Her Bridal Rings During New York Bridal Fashion Week

Jade Trau’s Hangling Scarlett Ring in 18K gold with trillion diamond and diamond pave.

With NYC Spring Bridal Fashion Week underway, jewelry designers are gearing up with new engagement and wedding rings. Jade Trau is one of these designers and is relaunching her bridal ring collection, which she is previewing now. She will reveal a full relaunch in July 2024 at her flagship shop in her Hamptons/Southampton location and worldwide virtually. Trau explains, “The Jade Trau Bridal experience allows you to try on or view your favorite styles in different natural diamond shapes and sizes and discover how each version can dramatically change the personality and feeling of its setting.”

Here Trau discusses her decision to revamp her collection, her inspiration and what’s instore for those looking for engagement ring and/or wedding band.

Jade Trau Selma ring with emerald in 18k gold with half platinum pave.

Why did you decide to relaunch the bridal part of your collection?

JT: “I looked at what our bridal collection was, and it felt like a compilation of a decade of individually designed greatest hits. I decided it was time to take a more holistic and cohesive approach to Jade Trau bridal that encompasses both our most beloved styles and new styles that I’ve been excited to share. I also feel like the rules and feelings around bridal has changed and I wanted to make sure all of our rings work well together for those you want to take a less traditional approach.”

Jade Trau Mariam ring in 18K gold ring with east to west oval set in platinum.

Would you describe this as a natural evolution since you began the collection?

JT: “Yes, definitely. The combination of my many years as a diamond buyer combined with my equal years of experience now as a designer has led me to this moment. I didn’t realize how unique my taste is in diamonds. For me it’s not about how the diamonds stats read on a certificate. I look at the stone and immediately know if I love it or hate it. It’s like a part of me. After all these years, I finally have the confidence to decide if a diamond is beautiful just because of that feeling.”

Jade Trau Scarlett Oval ring set in 18K gold with accent diamond pave.

How did this Aha moment occur for you?

JT: “I’ve been going through this motion of unfolding a parcel paper, putting the diamond between my tweezers, looking at it first, before I put a loupe on it, seeing if it gives me the butterflies in my stomach, then putting a loupe on it for literally 25 years. After the past 10 years, I now immediately know what setting would be perfect for a specific diamond. I also know if it doesn’t give me those ‘butterflies, I put it back in the parcel.”

Jade Trau Scarlett Pear-shaped ring set in 18K gold with surround of pave diamonds.

Do you think there have been significant changes over the past 10 years in bridal jewelry?

JT: “Traditionally, an engagement ring was a certain size and style and based on a certain amount of month’s salary however, around five to ten years ago we started to slowly move away from this. And today, this is no longer the case. There is of course a certain budget that the couple has to work within but we are seeing that a range of sizes and cuts of diamonds and styles of rings are being accepted and requested. The ring that symbolizes commitment can be whatever you want it to be. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the finger it’s worn on. The ring finger is still symbolic.”

Are there specifc styles that are gaining traction?

JT: “I’ve seen an increase in eternity bands and toi et moi rings being bought as engagement rings. We also now have proposal rings which are added to complement the engagement ring. There is a movement away from the conventional to be more inclusive and encompassing which mirrors what is going on culturally. I have set out to include all of these aspects in the relaunching of my collection and my design aesthetic.”

Please talk about your plans for the relaunch of the bridal collection at your store in July.

JT: “Starting July 4th weekend, we will be previewing our new bridal pop-up experience in-store at our Southampton Flagship in the Hamptons. We will be featuring our beloved classics along with never-before-seen styles of engagement rings and wedding bands. The Jade Trau Bridal pop-up is a full-service consultation to help clients find their perfect ring. The pop up will allow clients to try on different silhouettes in different natural diamond shapes and sizes and discover how each version can dramatically change the personality and feeling of its setting- all in one appointment.”

Jade Trau Selma ring with pear shaped center diamonds in 18K gold with half platinum pave.

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