Men Of Fashion Are Claiming Cocktails As The New Menswear Accessory

In the category of menswear, aesthetic comes with his understanding of personal taste. Elevating anyone’s style can be attributed to a signature accessory, like a wardrobe stable or a well-frequented restaurant – which he recommends, serving him more utility. One accessory that is distinct on its own is the cocktail. Foremost, to drink responsibly is most attractive – a personal cocktail choice can become your signature and give a cache to his expressive style.

Men of fashion, including stylists, designers, influencers, and tastemakers, are settling into the casual cocktail culture. These men are finding inspiration in creating cocktails with personalized flare. Home aesthetics and mindful activities have been raved about since the pandemic, shifting living habits for many. More so, men are showing off their style and distinguished habits.

Earlier this summer, celebrity fashion designer LaQuan Smith created ‘the’ summer cocktail “The Remy Sidecar” with spirits brand Remy Martin. Since launching his namesake line in 2013, Smith crafted the “LaQuan Smith 3D leggings” and became known as the “leggings” guy and would go on to dress celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, while displaying elegant personal style on his Instagram account. “The campaign is special because it asks us to own the best part of each day in our own ways and celebrates creativity! For me, this happens when the right people, music, drinks, and styles combine.”

Like wearing sunglasses at night, Smith debuted this new accessory one evening to a select group of guests during sunset at “The Rémy Sidecar Magic Hour” at The Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, on June 21. Smith says, “I’m so thrilled to be teaming up with Rémy Martin for the Rémy Sidecar Magic Hour campaign, and our kick-off event in New York City was the perfect way to start the summer. I had so much fun celebrating the Magic Hour with Chef Kwame Onwuachi and, DJ Quiana Parks, all blending our ideas of what makes the Magic Hour special.”

A celebration of the 100th anniversary of the quintessential Sidecar cocktail, born during the Prohibition era of the 1920s, Remy Martin and LaQuan Smith relished in the ambiance of an evening of music, food, and a signature cocktail to complete the mood. This aesthetic was expressed by Rémy Martin Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, with the distiller since 2007, during a private tasting at ​​Jungsik restaurant in New York City. Impeccably dressed in a stone grey suit – sans tie – Loiseau described the essence of Remy Martin spirits and its refined signature cognacs, XO and Tercet.

“I really connect with the creativity and passion of Rémy Martin!” Smith states. “I’m a creative at heart, but I’m also always striving for excellence in my designs and driving forward a culture of creativity for others to be inspired. Craftsmanship is at the heart of Rémy Martin, which is true for my work as well and is a huge part of what speaks to me about the brand. That dedication to craftsmanship sets Rémy Martin apart from the rest, and I see a lot of parallels there within my own work and my team. We’re both constantly striving to create excellence in everything we do, which starts with a commitment to our craft.”

Stylist and designer Jason Rembert teamed up with spirit brand Grand Marnier, creating a personal favorite of his. Rembert and Grand Marnier US-based Ambassador Xavier Herit concocted the Grand Margarita. Dressed in ingredients and garnishes selected by Rembert, the custom cocktail was launched in a full bouquet at the Gansevoort Hotel rooftop in New York City on Jul 13, 2022.

Rembert says, “I think the cocktail is a way a man can express his elevation; that may be the class, the diversity of his palette. The complexity of what makes a simple cocktail great. My partnership with Grand Marnier and making the Grand Margarita is based on maximalism.”

Maximalism is how he dresses his celebrity clients like Issa Rae, Daniel Kaluuya, Lil Baby, or “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard. Rembert finds expression through spicing up his looks with accessories like clutch bags, lapel pins on suits, or statement-making shoes. “I’ve always loved the Margarita [cocktail]. Whether in South France or a club in London. For me, the Margarita was a way to express who I am and what I like. You do judge people on their drink. Cognac has been my drink for a long time. So, partnering with Grand Marnier, whereas [mixing] cognac with orange – I love both!”

Rembert loves a good margarita the same way he adores a practical fashion item that serves utility and his style. “My favorite accessory – right now – is a slipper – Suicoke and Lanvin.” He is usually traveling for work and often without any substantial luggage. “I was in Paris last week – and didn’t have anything [to wear]. My lady had two bags of clothing, and I had a carry-on. I went to the store – I needed something cozy and comfortable but still – stylish. I picked up this slipper and haven’t taken them off since.”

A cozy vibe best describes Rembert and his fashion taste, sporting slippers or one of his duvet-like coats in the winter season. For Rembert, it’s an elevated approach to comfort working in the fashion world – a la Andre Leon Talley. “Grand Marnier elevates any drink – taking it to the next level,” Rembert notes. “At the same time, it’s something you can drink on its own. Like on that Sunday at your home chillin’ – you want to drink something cozy. You may put on that new Brant Faiyaz album or some SZA. I may even put on some Labyrinth and – just – vibe out. Take a sip of something – that is – easy, elevates, and excites your palette.”

The gentlemen that Rembert refers to are learned in their craft. “It’s a man who is open,” he says. “When I was younger, my palette was limited. As I [grew], I had more experiences in life, and I ate dinner at different tables. I think I got to a place where I was [even] more open. Once you’re open to anything in life, you see the beauty.”

Rembert recalls his “first cocktail was at Negril’s [restaurant]. One of my good friends [Aeisha] was bartending there, where I had my first Margarita. The Negril’s on 23rd street – no longer exists,” Rembert laments.

“The ambassador, Xavier – I told him he has to teach me how to make a cocktail,” states Rembert, exploring the different modes of aesthetic expression. “I have groups of friends, and we each host parties at our houses. I need to learn how to make something,” poking fun at himself. “I’m really good at making a caesar salad, so I need to know how to make a cocktail. I’m going to win at spades – and win at cocktails.” His maximalist expression spills over into his hospitable ways. The competitiveness of Rembert is why his taste graces the palettes of celebrities from all over.

The Lobos 1707 tequila brand has roots in a top competitor and NBA all-star with a global presence [Lebron James], but New York City-based Lobos ambassador Martel Francois has garnished a sophisticated style to tequila – sipping. Smoking cigars and sporting tailormade Zegna suits, Francois has hosted numerous segments on FOX News detailing style tips and styling some of New York’s top professional athletes.

Francois is navigating fashion through lifestyle and philanthropy. He founded the Look Good Feel Good Program, empowering at-risk male teens across the Metropolitan area while creating timeless shoe creations with New York City cobbler J.Fitzpatrick. Men’s shoes are often the indicative accessory of a man that credits him as stylish, and Francois believes that accessories like footwear should be bold. With designs that include python leather loafers and braided leather weekender bags, accessorizing the modern gentlemen with a staple cocktail is only fitting.

Francois says that “the Lobos blood orange Margarita is a summertime classic,” made with Lobos Reposado, which the tastemaker prefers. Made in and served in an elegant carafe and glass by Akwaaba Inns, the Margarita can be less of a party and more of a vibe, making its mark on the fashion world as a demonstrative tool of style.

Diddy’s Spirits brand CIROC has also gotten into the mix, tapping Brooklyn-based Artistic Fashion Director Romeo Hunte for a can version of a Vodka Spritz along with the merchandise created by Romeo Hunte. Hunte has previously collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger while his designs dress celebrities like NBA All-Star Jason Tatum, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and singer HER.

Excited for his latest collaboration with Ciroc, the Brooklyn native highlights an icon of the borough – the Coney Island Ferris Wheel – and its sunset. Hunte states, “To be able to celebrate the Brooklyn landmarks and its skylines through the lens of luxury fashion and spirits is one of my proudest moments that will live for a very long time.”

The limited edition CÎROC Vodka Spritz cocktail can serve up some stylish summer essentials including a Canary Yellow Bucket Hat, Nylon Tote Bag, and Silk Bandana, all designed with the summer skyline seen from Brooklyn, delivering the right setting for the Vodka Spritz cocktail. CIROC and Hunte’s collaboration is exclusive to the Cocktail Courier but just in time for the last stretch of summer.

Post Malone has spent his summer perusing thrift stores like Rogue by Emma Rogue, diving into the racks for rare tees, jackets, and denim items that gravitate to the Syracuse-born Texan. Malone’s rosé brand, Maison No. 9, isn’t the spirit or wine you would associate with the “thrifted” and vintage looks he has been pulling off, partaking in sidewalk-style sessions at the Rogue store. Maison No. 9 is a vibrantly crafted rose made to concoct summertime cocktails with that bubbly finish – like a Rose Paloma, encouraging a splash of tequila into the mix.

Consider cocktail flavors and food choice pairing to exude a level of confidence, like wearing your favorite shirt and pant combination. You can try cocktails like the Mint Julep, made with some Templeton Rye, ginger, mint, and lime – something for a barbecued cuisine date night.

The ambiance of a gentleman relies on a good cocktail and his demeanor. Personal style and cocktail choice can be the difference-maker in your social standing among your peers – having a greater understanding of who you are friends will value your assertive manner and distinguished taste.

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