Run, Don’t Walk to Buy This Lab-Created Diamond Necklace

Anyone who knows me understands I’m a jewelry girl. It would be accurate, if not an understatement, to classify my collection of layerable necklaces, stackable rings, mix-and-match earrings, and never-take-them-off bracelets as robust. But I don’t collect for collecting’s sake: I’m deliberate with the pieces I acquire (whether I’m purchasing myself or not-so-subtly hinting at a gift). I tend toward more timeless designs with modern nuances (hello, yellow-gold metals, off-kilter settings, and asymmetrical silhouettes). And I consider how a new design fits in with my current assortment (is it possibly the literal missing link to my ideal but not overly layered look?!); if I’ll wear it regularly or reserve it for occasions (factoring durability and cost).


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Nothing thrills me more than coming across an incredible new piece. Not to toot my horn too loudly, but I’ve done a lot of jewelry writing, editing, and reporting, and I consider my jewelry sentiments discerning and well informed. So scroll on to read about all the reasons I’m into my latest obsession: the Pandora Brilliance Lab-created Diamond Double Chain Collier Necklace.

The timeless-yet-modern design

I’ve learned the hard way that buying into trendy items comes at a cost: I far too quickly grow sick of something and wish I had saved the money and energy. It’s a vicious cycle. But after years of impulsive shopping, I’ve reformed. Really! Now when I see a spendy-worthy piece, I go for it, and this Pandora necklace is unquestionably one of them.

First, it’s sleek and crafted in 14-karat yellow gold (two of my must-haves). Sure, silver is back and this does come in white gold, but it’s not my personal preference. I’m also not one for complex designs. Instead, distinctive elements call to me, like this asymmetrical chain that’s doubled on one side—s’cool! Even cooler: the off-kilter, pear-shaped setting in which a brilliant-cut diamond is nestled. Love! Whether worn solo or layered, this pendant stands out and catches the eye in an elegant way.

The sleek and durable chain

I prefer chain necklaces with a substantial look and feel. Box chains like this one are a fave. Essentially a string of cubed links that are smooth in appearance, they lie nicely with an almost liquid ~fluidity~. The pendant is the ideal thickness for stacking. I’ve found it doesn’t get tangled but floats along in just about any configuration (as the best things do).

Pandora Brilliance Lab-created 0.75 ct tw Diamond Double Chain Collier Necklace

Brilliance Lab-created 0.75 ct tw Diamond Double Chain Collier Necklace

Pandora Brilliance Lab-created 0.75 ct tw Diamond Double Chain Collier Necklace

The sparkly lab-grown diamond

The great debate: lab diamonds versus natural diamonds. Quick fact: Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds. They’re made of the *exact* same chemical compounds found in mined diamonds, rated by the same 4Cs (clarity, cut, color, and carat), and (should be!) certified by third parties to ensure quality and ethics standards. Pandora’s are certified by the International Gemological Institute. Of course, there are pros and cons to both. Among the biggest pros to a lab-created diamond is a more affordable price tag and potential sustainability.

Pandora says the lab-grown diamonds used in Diamonds by Pandora products are created sustainably using 100 percent renewable energy to grow, cut, and polish each stone. And they’re set in recycled gold and silver, which allows for a lower carbon footprint. After several wears, I can attest that this brilliant-cut lab-grown diamond is *sparkly*. Like, holy scintillation. Oh, and the yellow-gold box chain is totally glowy, too. Even on a dreary rainy day, this baby flickered most elegantly and beautifully elevated my tattered sweat set and shearling clogs.

It’s a great Mother’s Day gift

IDK about you, but my mom is hard to shop for. Now that I’m a mom, the same can be said for me. Jewelry is the category I stick with when giving meaningful gifts, and *clearly*, it’s my preference when on the receiving end, too. Even though my husband and mom have repeatedly told me they’re scared to buy me anything without a clear directive (see?! it’s helpful!), they, along with other friends and family, appreciate my selective eye. Let’s just say I’ve never gifted a piece of jewelry anyone has returned or not worn (I check).

If you’re looking to buy a new diamond necklace and are here for a lab-grown design, this one is a surefire win. It’s sleek, sparkly, and just modern enough with timeless elements that’ll endure decades. Give it, keep it—hey, if you can afford it, buy two and do the matchy-matchy friendship thing, you know, in a grown-up way. Cute!

Brilliance Lab-created 0.50 ct tw Diamond Hoop Earrings

Pandora Brilliance Lab-created 0.50 ct tw Diamond Hoop Earrings

Brilliance Double Facing Lab-created 0.30 ct tw Diamond Ring

Pandora Brilliance Double Facing Lab-created 0.30 ct tw Diamond Ring

Brilliance Lab-created 0.25 ct tw Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Pandora Brilliance Lab-created 0.25 ct tw Diamond Bangle Bracelet
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