Stax Premium Seamless Version 6 Workout Set | Editor Review

woman in mirror wearing Stax Premium Seamless V6 Strappy Crop and Midi Shorts

There’s a lot to be said about the age-old look-good, feel-good motto, and running in a nice activewear set that makes you feel confident and secure definitely helps. Ever since I took up running six years ago (whew, time flies), I’ve worn all sorts of activewear, from cheap to expensive and everything in between. I don’t go for workout clothes simply because they’re name brand; I actually want clothes that work — aka activewear that’s nonslip and sweat wicking, with a hint of compression. I’ve tried all the designer sets and dupes you can think of, and I can confirm that the Stax Premium Seamless V6 Strappy Crop ($36) and Stax Premium Midi V6 Bike Shorts ($36), alongside the entire Premium Seamless Version Six line, are some of the best workout clothes I’ve owned.

What I Like About the Stax Premium Seamless Workout Set

The first thing that comes to mind is its compression — this activewear set gives you shape. I remember trying it on for the first time and thinking, “Where did those curves come from?” It accentuates your body in the best way yet still feels comfortable and breathable to wear. Both the top and pants move with you so you never feel constricted, and its moisture-wicking fabric stays dry despite how intense your workout is. (After running in a 90-degree heatwave, I found its fabric very impressive.) Its waistband is ribbed and flexible, and its top has adjustable shoulder straps and removable pads that guarantee a comfortable fit. I got a size small, and after washing it a handful of times, I can confirm it still fits me perfectly. While I wear this set for runs, it can be used for heavy lifting, hot-girl walks, or even running errands. My friends mistook it for a Skims set, and I took that as a huge compliment.

What’s Worth Noting About the Stax Premium Seamless Workout Set

My only qualm with this set is that it holds its odor. It’s honestly the most bizarre thing I’ve experienced, but if I put it in the hamper with other worn workout clothes, it takes a few washes to get the smell out. It’s not a huge deal, and I’ve started separating it from my other running clothes, which has helped, but it’s worth noting if you run into this issue yourself. Another considerable detail is that Stax is an Australia-based brand, so be prepared for the shipping to take a bit longer than other brands, as it can get stuck in customs.

Who Is the Stax Premium Seamless Workout Set Best For?

Literally anyone. Whether you’re looking for a flattering workout set to wear for daily walks or wanting a set that can handle a considerable gym workout, this workout set will perform for anyone. It’s great for any sort of movement, however, I wouldn’t lounge around the house in it. Its compression can definitely feel restricting if you’re not moving around.

Additional Details

  • Both the shorts and top come in sizes XS-2X.
  • The set comes in eight color options.
  • The shorts have a high-waisted design.
  • The extra-length crop top stops at the short’s high waist.
  • Both the shorts and top can be mixed and matched with anything in the Premium Seamless Version Six line.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Haley Lyndes

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