A little bit of rock added to this year’s Denim on the Diamond music festival – Think Local

  • September 1, 2022

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, which means Denim on the Diamond is back where it belongs.

This year it’s bigger and better than ever, expanding to a two-day event at King’s Stadium in Kelowna’s North End and adding a good helping of rock to the usual country lineup. The event was pushed to October last year due to the pandemic, but now it is back in its traditional spot on the calendar: Labour Day Weekend.

Denim on the Diamond, like every music festival Thick as Thieves Entertainment puts on, is basically a way for co-founders Mitch Carefoot and Kurt Jory to throw a party for their friends—along with thousands of others.

“Even prior to Denim on the Diamond, when we started doing shows in the Laurel Packinghouse, it was a way for us to actually bring our friends together,” Carefoot says. “As you get older, you just get so busy. You just have so much on the go. And we thought that this would be an opportunity for us to have, like, a date. Let’s get together and have some fun.

“It’s kind of like we create a lineup of our favourite artists. And that’s kind of the fun part, is we get to introduce our favourite artists to the city of Kelowna—and get together and have fun.”

When the Thick as Thieves duo surveyed “friends” over the years at recent music festivals, it found that half of them liked country and the other half preferred rock. This year’s Denim on the Diamond will reflect those emotions, with rock artists taking to the stage on Friday night and mostly country bands taking care of Saturday’s entertainment to cap one of Kelowna’s biggest annual bashes.

Matt Maeson, who had a No. 1 alternative

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