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Fashion Exhibition In London Palace Shows The Royal Courts Were No Different To The Met Gala

  • April 10, 2023

Stars of old: they’re just like us! Or just like today’s celebrities, in any case.

Outfits and jewels worn by Audrey Hepburn, Lizzo, Lady Gaga and Rihanna take center-stage alongside Royal ceremonial dress and other historic items, in a new fashion exhibition which opened this week in London. The largest exhibition ever staged at Kensington Palace, home to the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children, Crown to Couture brings together over 200 items spanning five centuries.

It opens with a dress worn to the 1954 Oscars by Audrey Hepburn, alongside the Silver Tissue gown worn to court by a British aristocrat in the 1660s, and goes on to explore the parallels between historical fashion and modern red carpet dressing. The exhibition includes a dazzling collection of jewelry both historic and contemporary, curated by writer, curator and Responsible Jewelry Council Executive Director Melanie Grant.

“The customs of the Georgian court might seem distant and anachronistic, but we hope that Crown to Couture will provide a new and familiar lens through which to understand the palace’s spaces and the court’s traditions,” says Claudia Scott Williams, curator at Historic Royal Palaces. “By placing historic court dress in conversation with contemporary red carpet fashion and modern celebrity we begin to see that they are perhaps not so alien after all.”

The State Apartments, once the glittering hub of the Georgian Court and 18th century London’s equivalent of the red carpet, have been transformed for the event

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