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Looking back at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2024

  • April 19, 2024

With thunderous applause and awe, the eagerly awaited Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week (PIFW) 2024 set the stage for a fashion-for ward showcase and a slew of fresh innovations.

Embracing the theme Bigger, Better, & Bolder, PIFW 2024 presented a feast of style diversity, cultural beauty, and fashion innovation. From 2 to 8 March at The Warehouse Plaza Indonesia Level 5, this fashion extravaganza showcases 31 shows from 75 distinguished brands and designers, parading 756 models and over a thousand looks.

Deputy Chief Marketing Officer of Plaza Indonesia, Zamri Mamat, reflects on the event’s evolution since 2007, underscoring its role in celebrating Indonesian fashion diversity and creativity. PIFW 2024 aspires to act as a catalyst for positive transformation within both the local and international fashion industry.

Sustainability takes centre stage this year, highlighting the industry’s capability to voice environmental consciousness and positive values through a mesmerising and meaningful experience for fashion aficionados at Plaza Indonesia.

Aside from the latest fashion trends and collections from both local and international brands, collaborations bloomed between renowned fashion designers, including an impressive roster that spans from Marks & Spencer Kids to SEBASTIANred, and from Rama Dauhan to Adrian Gan X Sejauh Mata Memandang, among others.

Prestige Indonesia was present from the very first day of this momentous fashion event, observing each runway show from the perspective of the discerning fashion enthusiast. Our highlights present avenues of fashion where designers and brands reveal their latest endeavours in a narrative that threads through the fabric of modern style and tradition.

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2024 unfolded with an air of anticipation as the runway was ignited by Wilsen Willim’s collaboration with Batik Keris, presenting Sebelum Terbakar Menjadi Asap, a collection that presented 20 ready-to-wear looks infusing the rich heritage of batik with modern sartorial expressions.

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