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‘I knew where I wanted to be’

  • April 20, 2024

Fashion designer Rachel Maguire now dresses A-list celebrities including Doja Cat, Megan Fox, and Megan Thee Stallion but before she started her fashion brand Rashhiiid, she was feeling a bit lost.

“I’d done a lot of living,” she reflects. “I’d been partying a lot. I needed to feel passion. Being a workaholic now is a blessing. I’ve found something productive that I love.”

The Dubliner had tried to apply herself to a number of college courses but found herself bored and uninspired.

“I did social science, psychology, marketing — all those things that I thought were expected of me to get a conventional career.”

Rachel had been customising clothes all the way back to her school years where she would annoy the teachers for altering her uniform.

She was chatting to her mum’s friend one day — an art teacher — who took one look at Rachel’s unique ensemble and suggested doing fashion design.

“Back then, fashion wasn’t really an option for college. It was only after that conversation I re-characterised what at that point I viewed as a hobby.”

Rachel weighed up the various outlets, including the more conceptual design course at NCAD and courses that focused on illustration and Photoshop. She gravitated toward something far more hands-on.

“I really needed something that I enjoyed to apply myself to. The Grafton Academy was seven hours a day on sewing machines or pattern construction — it was entirely practical.”

Continuing on to do her Masters was a rite of passage, but, again, she found herself itching to kick-start her career and leave the textbooks behind.

“It was the societal pressure of what’s expected of you — a degree isn’t enough. I knew well I didn’t want to be there,” Rachel explains.

It all changed when she got her first

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