I’m an interior designer & there are four styles that will NEVER go out of fashion – perfect if you hate redecorating

  • September 20, 2022

IF YOU hate redecorating your home, you’re not alone.

Although the idea of it might be fun and the end result is always nice, the actual process of stripping wallpaper, moving furniture and hanging picture frames is exhausting.

Traditional style will always look chic


Traditional style will always look chicCredit: tiktok/@mrphoenixgrey

But if you always want to your home to look chic and stylish there’s one thing you can do – pick a timeless style the first time you decorate.

This comes after a viewer asked interior designer Phoenix Grey to shares some tips, they said: “Can you do some styles that are timeless?

“[I’m] remodelling my home but don’t want it to be dated after a couple of years.”

According to the pro there are four interior styles that will stand the test of time.


Although the pro admitted this isn’t his personal style, the timeless look will age well and goes above trends.

He said: “It gets bonus points on it’s beautiful detailing and the retaining structure to it’s architectural roots.

“It honestly has the most beautiful character to it.”

You can spot this style from the feminine features like curving lines luxurious feeling.

Mid-century modern

Phoenix explained: “Mid-century modern has to be on this list because it was significantly recognised in the 50’s.

“It defined so many characteristics of design styles we see today.”

If you’re a fan of a more masculine feeling space, love muted tones and wood and graphic shapes, this might be the style for you.

Although elements of this style are constantly coming in and out of fashion, they’ll always look timeless and posh in any home.


“I may get some hate on this one, but contemporary style is more timeless than it’s not,” the pro said.

The “clean and understated” is easy to adapt

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