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A new Gaurav Gupta flagship store in Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda is part culture museum, part fashion store

  • March 13, 2023

When Gaurav Gupta launches a new store, he is creating a space for “culturalists” to cross paths, collaborate and create within it. The couture designer who just wrapped up his first show at Paris Haute Couture Week in January, followed by a host of international red-carpet sightings including Cardi B in a cobalt blue architectural marvel, the designer brings his latest three-storey flagship to Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda district. And much like his other spaces deep in the art districts of the metros (an antique building in Kolkata, a palace in Mehrauli), each one takes on a new avatar. It’s a museum, an atelier, a pin-drop landmark location on the country’s map.  

shot by Ashish Sahi

Shot by Ashish Sahi

His latest, a culmination of the theme ‘Shunya’ — an interpretation of limitless, infinity, sees expansive white space, shells within shells, intersectional apertures, and complex geometries, brought together by architect Vishal K Dhar and Gaurav’s brother, Saurabh Gupta. “From the very first meeting, it was clear that we had to make a statement that expressed a synergy between design and material. Dupont’s CORIAN was our first choice. It’s a certified sustainable material with the sole purpose of engineering solid seamless surfaces,” explains Dhar of the incredible convex, concave sculptural building and its materiality. 

On the eve of its opening, and after one year in the making, Gupta shares his desire for the space to be a part of Art Week or Design Week or perhaps become the location of several sustainability forums. “That or an underground party venue!,” he says with his trademark wit. 

shot by Ashish Sahi

Shot by Ashish Sahi

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