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The diamond chain is given a contemporary update by Dina Kamal

  • April 24, 2023

Architect and jewellery designer (opens in new tab) Dina Kamal brings a sculptural fluidity to a diamond chain in a new design which imbues precious stones with a sense of movement.

A modern diamond chain

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(Image credit: Dina Kamal)

 The new piece sets natural white brilliant cut diamonds on a brushed 18k gold chain, in a contemporary rethink of classic motifs. ‘Initially the first piece was done as a private commission for a client who wanted a versatile diamond necklace that is soft and flexible,’ says Kamal on the unique design. ‘The challenge was to design it to be fluid but still maintain a structured feel and a strong edge.’

      The new design stays faithful to her offbeat aesthetic which reinterprets traditional forms, building on past pieces such as a Twin ring composed of custom-cut diamonds shaped like trapezoids, or rings which sink pearls into puffed quilts of beige gold

     ‘Here, my aim was to create balance between the structure of the metal and the diamond, so that they are equal,’ Kamal adds. ‘The setting of the round brilliant cut diamond is unconventional which gives it strength, and most importantly allows us to create the interlinks to make the mechanisms that would perfectly follow the body form, so we have a free flow with minimum sway.’

     The necklace can be adjusted according to the whims of the wearer, with a carefully considered functionality ensuring it is comfortable to wear. ‘It can be worn open or closed, with our custom sliding channel and magnet lock mechanism,’ says Kamal. ‘It’s handcrafted intricately in raw-white (beige) gold, with natural white brilliant

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