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Meet Esther Alo, designer pushing Nigerian fashion narrative on global stage

  • August 30, 2023

Wearing beautiful clothes can improve one’s self-esteem and give that feeling of self-confidence through comfort and elegance, and in Nigeria, Esther Olubusayo Alo, creative director and managing partner of Esther Alo, is helping customers to do just that.

Esther, who is also known as Busayo, is a talented Nigerian fashion designer who makes women’s evening wear and bridal outfits, the brand has its bespoke collections in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and markets across the EU.

She was inspired to venture into the business by family members who are designers, especially her mum. “I come from a family of fashion professionals, from my mom to extended aunts and friends,” she says.

“I want my clients to know exactly who is styling and creating designs for them and when they wear their outfits, they should be able to put a name to the designer,” she notes.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Esther has over 10-year fashion experience and has attended several fashion schools to scale her designing skills.

Esther started trading with Verstyle by Busayo as a business name in 2012 but later registered as Esther Alo. Her start-up capital was from her personal savings and sewing machines she got from her mum.

Since starting, she says her business has grown steadily and its collection is now gaining traction internationally.

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“We have gotten great feedback, especially on our latest collection termed ‘Afro-western’ and we have seen that there’s a strong demand for our services internationally,” she says.

“We now have a diverse clientele base, which makes potential business partners and collaborators get in contact with us. We also have had loyal clients over the years who recommend the brand to others, which has been unique and truly remarkable,” she states.

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