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Men Of Fashion Are Claiming Cocktails As The New Menswear Accessory

  • August 29, 2022

In the category of menswear, aesthetic comes with his understanding of personal taste. Elevating anyone’s style can be attributed to a signature accessory, like a wardrobe stable or a well-frequented restaurant – which he recommends, serving him more utility. One accessory that is distinct on its own is the cocktail. Foremost, to drink responsibly is most attractive – a personal cocktail choice can become your signature and give a cache to his expressive style.

Men of fashion, including stylists, designers, influencers, and tastemakers, are settling into the casual cocktail culture. These men are finding inspiration in creating cocktails with personalized flare. Home aesthetics and mindful activities have been raved about since the pandemic, shifting living habits for many. More so, men are showing off their style and distinguished habits.

Earlier this summer, celebrity fashion designer LaQuan Smith created ‘the’ summer cocktail “The Remy Sidecar” with spirits brand Remy Martin. Since launching his namesake line in 2013, Smith crafted the “LaQuan Smith 3D leggings” and became known as the “leggings” guy and would go on to dress celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, while displaying elegant personal style on his Instagram account. “The campaign is special because it asks us to own the best part of each day in our own ways and celebrates creativity! For me, this happens when the right people, music, drinks, and styles combine.”

Like wearing sunglasses at night, Smith debuted this new accessory

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