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7 Fall 2022 Makeup Trends We’re Excited to Try

  • September 1, 2022

There’s something about fall that makes you feel like you can become a whole new person. A great haircut, some fab boots and you’re all like, “watch out, world!” But little gets said about the easiest way to capture that feeling: makeup. It’s low stakes and low cost: no committing to bangs that’ll take months to grow out should you come to regret them and no investing in those aforementioned boots and a coat and some sweaters while you’re at it. 

It’s incredible how transformative a humble tube of lipstick in the exact right shade can be. Suddenly, you don’t feel as tired all the time. A calendar full of plans seems thrilling—not daunting. Here, we invite you to relish in the confidence-boosting power of a fresh look with the season’s biggest, prettiest makeup trends.

Terracotta blush

fall 2022 makeup trends blush
Bradon Maxwell, Sacai. Photos: Getty Images

Trade bubblegum and coral for a more autumnal spin on blush. A spicy, reddish brown feels sophisticated and seasonally appropriate while still maintaining the face-awakening properties of a pink flush. Take your cue from the Sacai show and use the shade to sculpt your cheekbones, or channel the models at Brandon Maxwell and dab a little colour on the bridge of your nose for a faux sunburnt look.

fall 2022 makeup
Rosie Inc Blush Divine Clean Dewy Cream Blush in Foxglove, $40, Photo: Rose Inc

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Goth lipstick

fall 2022 makeup trends black lipstick
Blumarine, Ferrari. Photos: Getty Images

Sure, it can seem a little scary at first, but believe us, it’s a risk that can most definitely pay off. Paired with crisp, contemporary pieces, nearly black lipstick can look impossibly chic, not to mention so freaking cool! Look for a gloss formula that’s a bit on the sheer side for a more wearable take on the trend.

black lip gloss mac
M.A.C x Stranger Things in Skull
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