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Rochester fashion designer promotes ‘leveled up’ look – Post Bulletin

  • May 6, 2023

Fashion is Daniel Johnson’s business.

Johnson is the owner and designer of Levels LLC, an urban/streetwear fashion business with retail stores at the Apache Mall in Rochester and the Mall of America in Bloomington.

Daniel discovered his affinity for fashion design by way of his music management profession. Once a hip-hop recording artist and concert promoter in the music entertainment industry, Daniel now dedicates his time to Levels.

Daniel’s latest ‘turtle and hare’ collection gives nod to his perception of life: Sometimes you move slower, sometimes you move faster, but we are still all on the same track.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family, vacationing, fitness training, writing music, and looking for life’s next adventure. The words he lives by are “Get busy living or get busy dying. Just get busy.”

Describe your style.

Simple but unique, casual, ‘less is more.’

What incited you to launch a streetwear line/store?

My father was a model and fashion designer, and my mother was a beautician who owned her own salon and their entrepreneurial spirit was kindled in me early on. I was compelled to design a line with meaning and that all walks of life could relate to and wear with confidence. After several trials, I have been able to evolve the brand and it is now a sought-after choice of clothing that I continue to build and expand upon.

How does your business impact the way you choose to dress?

I must dress for success every day. Whether I am working at the stores, attending events/networking, or at the park with my kids, I am a reflection of the brand and I never know what opportunity I might be blessed with that day. I always want to ensure that I am representing the value and message

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