The diamond chain is given a contemporary update by Dina Kamal

Architect and jewellery designer (opens in new tab) Dina Kamal brings a sculptural fluidity to a diamond chain in a new design which imbues precious stones with a sense of movement.

A modern diamond chain

diamond chain” class=” lazy-image-van” data-normal=”” data-srcset=” 1920w, 1600w, 1280w, 1024w, 768w, 415w, 360w, 320w” data-sizes=”(min-width: 710px) 670px, calc(100vw – 30px)” data-original-mos=”” data-pin-media=””/>diamond chain

(Image credit: Dina Kamal)

 The new piece sets natural white brilliant cut diamonds on a brushed 18k gold chain, in a contemporary rethink of classic motifs. ‘Initially the first piece was done as a private commission for a client who wanted a versatile diamond necklace that is soft and flexible,’ says Kamal on the unique design. ‘The challenge was to design it to be fluid but still maintain a structured feel and a strong edge.’

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